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Macam Mana Nak Buat Komputer Kebal Dari Virus, Ancaman Lain2

Software nie sangat berguna untuk mengelakan komputer dari perubahan tetapan, kesan dari virus dan sebagainya..copy paste ja...baca niee  >> Your computer, like new with every restart...

  • Deep Freeze by Faronics is the ultimate line of defense for your computer's security.
  • Memorizing your computer's settings and configuration, Deep Freeze returns your system to its original state with every restart.
  • Forget spending hours troubleshooting hard-to-diagnose problems. With Deep Freeze, full system recovery is as easy as restarting your computer. It's that simple. 

Faronics Deep Freeze makes your computer indestructible. It protects your computer by freezing its original configuration, which prevents unwelcome or unwanted changes from sticking. With a simple “reboot-to-restore”, your system integrity is maintained helping your machine to run smoothly and efficiently. Faronics Deep Freeze will have you spending more time in your home/office and less time in the repair shop.

 Mula2 Install tue pastikan tandakan di Local C: sahaja ok..Local D: untuk simpanan data2 sebabnya selepas restart komputer, semua tetapan ataupun perubahan yang baru dibuat di Local C: akan hilang kecuali anda tidak mengaktifkan fungsinya..Selepas tak aktif fungsi (Boot Thawed) boleh la Update Antivirus kea,nak install apa2 pun boleh.Cara nak tak aktif fungsi deep-freeze nie akan diterangkan dibawah besertakan gambar..mudah siket nak faham..nak faham lagi cuba guna dulu software nie yea..

Selepas Install dan Restart komputer anda diperlukan untuk Memasukan password anda sendiri..Selapas itu untuk membuka kembali sila tekan kekunci nie Ctrl + Alt + Shift +F6
Seterusnya masukan password anda tadi..Lihat di Status on Next Boot
Pilih Boot Frozen untuk aktif Dan Boot Thawed tidak aktif fungsi..Setelah selesai pilih fungsi mana yang anda mahukan sila tekan Ok..Selesai..

Boot Thawed Fungsi Tidak aktif..Boleh Dilihat di Toolbars  sebelah kanan 

Boot Frozen Fungsi aktif

Cara Nak Hide Ip Address

Penting Untuk Hide Ip Address..Susah Digodam dan melindungi dari ancaman siber

Malas nak tulis panjang2..Nak taw lebih lanjut cari ja kat internet pasal hide Ip dan kepentingan untuk hide Ip.. Kat sini cuma bagi Software tu jea..Full Versions..kalau tak kena beli la..versi crack yg lain ada jea kat 4 shared tapi berkemungkinan ada virus tersembunyi...Disini tiada virus dan selamat digunakan ok..

Klik Disini Untuk Download Super_Hide_IP_v3068

Cara Nak Lajukan Copy

Selalu copy kena tunggu lama2 ???...Software nie untuk melajukan copy data..semoga bermanfaat yea..

Klik Disini Untuk Download ExtremeCopy_Pro_Edition

Cara Nak Lajukan Internet

Masalah internet lembab???...cuba guna software nie yea..harap2 membantu...intro kali nie ckit jea sebab malas nak tulis banyak2..kebetulan banyak lagi kerja yang kena wat....ok klw x faham atau tak taw cam na nak guna benda nie comment ja kat bawah tue ok..InsyaAllah ada masa saya balas..

Sila Klik Disini Untuk Download Full Versions

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Memulihkan Semula Regedit,Task Manager,Run,Folder Options & Dll Yang Tidak Berfungsi

Salam sejahtera kepada semua pembaca blog..Hari ini saya ingin berkongsi mengenai satu software yang sangat berguna untuk memulihkan Regedit,Task Manager,Run,Folder Options,System Restore,Control Panel dan lain2..Semua diatas tidak berfungsi berkemungkinan telah disable oleh virus ataupun kerosakan system dan sebaginya..Untuk memulihkan semula semua fungsi diatas software Re-Enable v2 Portable mungkin dapat membantu enable semula fungsi tersebut tanpa bersusah payah membuat secara manual seperti gpedit.msc di Run yang memerlukan sedikit kepakaran untuk memulihkan semula fungsi diatas..

Okeh tak perlu la tulis panjang2 lagi  kan..Intro diatas tu rasanya dah faham

Boleh Download Software Tu Disini

Avast! Internet Security 6 Full Versions With Crack

Intro Avast

avast! provides a package of applications that aim to protect your computer from a possible virus infection or other malware threat. If you use it correctly, and in combination with other programs such as data backup utilities, it will significantly reduce the risk of your computer being attacked or infected by a virus, and thus the risk of losing important or private data.
The Avast! Internet Security application comes with an antispam filter and built-in firewall. Once installed, avast! runs silently in the background to protect your computer against all known forms of malware. You don't need to do anything else - just install and forget!

Active internet users need greater protection for themselves as they shop and bank on-line. To secure against threats from infected web sites and the growing risk of identity theft, avast Internet security provides you with continuous protection from its layers of antivirus, anti-spyware, anti-rootkit protection, firewall and antispam.

Real-time shields
The real-time shields are the most important part of the program, as they are working continuously to prevent your computer from becoming infected. They monitor all your computer's activity, checking all programs and files in real-time - i.e. at the moment a program is started or whenever a file is opened or closed.

Virus Chest
The virus chest can be thought of as a folder on your hard disk with special properties, that make it a safe, isolated place for storing potentially harmful files. You can work with the files in the virus chest, with some security restrictions.

avast! antispam filter
avast! Internet Security includes a fully integrated antispam filter to detect unwanted email.

Spam delivered to your mailbox can result in your mailbox quickly becoming full, as a result which, legitimate emails may not be received. It can also unnecessarily increase the load on the email server, internet connection, local networks etc.

Firewallavast! Internet Security includes a fully integrated firewall which can be controlled directly from the avast! user interface.

The firewall monitors all communication between your computer and the outside world and blocks unauthorized communication based on a number of "allow" and "deny" rules. In this way, the firewall can prevent sensitive data from leaving your computer and can also block attempted intrusions by external hackers

Command-line scannerThe ashCmd program uses the same avast! scanning engine to detect potential malware infections so the results are exactly the same as running a scan via the normal program interface. The avast! command-line scanner, ashCmd.exe, is normally installed in the directory C:Program FilesAlwil Softwareavast5.

A scan is run from the command prompt using various switches and parameters. To see a description of the parameters, locate the ashCmd file and double click on it. This will open a new window in which the various parameters are displayed.

Here are some key features of "Avast! Internet Security":
· High performance antivirus engine
· Anti-rootkit protection
· Anti-spyware protection
· Script shield
· Process virtualization
· Command line scanner
· Anti-spam filter
· Built-in firewall

What's New in This Release:
· improved compatibility with Windows Vista SP0/SP1 (activation issues)
· attempt to solve the "Windows Media Player using a red skin" problem
· Firewall: solved the compatibility problem with uTorrent
· improved load time of WebRep IE plugin
· fixed a bug in Google Chrome WebRep plugin causing excessive CPU usage
· improvements in the silent installer
· improved the CommunityIQ sample submission process
· improved detection/removal of the most stubborn rootkits (TDL family)
· various stability and compatibility improvements in the sandbox module
· added new CreditAlert feature (US customers only)
· added Thai and Serbian language packs

AVG Internet Security 2012 Full Versions

Sedikt Intro pasal avg nie..kalau tak mau baca bole jea terus download avg nie dan copy paste key dibawah..semoga berguna kepada pembaca blog..hu2..

AVG Internet Security provides multiple layers of protection for everything you do online, which means you don’t have to worry about identity theft, viruses, or visiting harmful sites.
AVG Protective Cloud Technology and AVG Community Protection Network are included, meaning we collect the latest threat information and share it with our community to make sure you receive the best protection.

· Shop and bank online safely with AVG Firewall, AVG Anti-Spam & AVG Identity Protection
· Stay safe on social networks with AVG Social Networking Protection
· Surf and search with confidence with AVG LinkScanner’s real-time protection

Here are some key features of "AVG Internet Security":
· Shop and bank with confidence
AVG Firewall and AVG Identity Protection:
· Provides additional layers of security, keeping your private information safe at all times.

· Block spammers and scammers
AVG Anti-Spam:
· Marks all unwanted emails as spam, protecting you from online scams and keeping your inbox clutter free.

· Download, share files and chat safely
AVG Online Shield:
· Download and share files without risk of infection. You are also protected when you exchange files through online chat.

· Stay protected on social networks
AVG Social Networking Protection:
· Automatically checks links exchanged on Facebook and MySpace in real time so that you and your friends stay safe.

· Support and assistance
· Our technical experts are available to help with any problems you might have.

· Scan smarter and faster
AVG Smart Scanning works while you play:
· AVG Smart Scanning works while you’re away and runs in low-priority mode when you return.

· Keep tough threats out
AVG Protective Cloud Technology, AVG Community Protection Network and AVG Anti-Spyware:
· AVG’s core layers of protection make sure you can’t receive or unintentionally spread even the toughest threats.

Kalau berminat nak pakai AVG Internet Security 2012 Sila Download Disini

Untuk Full Version masukan salah satu key dibawah

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